VRS follows Semantic Versioning 2.0. For a version number MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH:

  • MAJOR version is incremented for incompatible API changes.
  • MINOR version is incremented for new, backwards-compatible functionality. For VRS, this means changes that add support for new types of variation or extend existing types.
  • PATCH version is incremented for bug fixes. For VRS, examples are clarifications of documentation and bug fixes on property constraints. No changes to information models will occur in PATCH releases.

All planned work The VRS Roadmap for upcoming developments. All currently planned work will be MINOR updates according to the guidelines above.



This patch version makes the following corrections and clarifications:

  • Adds the intended ChromosomeLocation prefix to the Computed Identifiers table.
  • Revises the Cytoband information model to align with ISCN conventions.
  • Updates the Cytoband regex to match the specified model.


This patch version makes the following corrections and clarifications:

  • Correct styling / indexing of CytobandLocation in restructuredText to match the current Schema and ER Diagram.
  • Remove erroneous bracket notation after CURIE from the locations attribute in the Allele information model.
  • Revised Note in interbase design decision to acknowledge community terms.


1.1.0 is the second release of VRS.

New classes

  • ChromosomeLocation: A region of a chromosomed specified by species and name using cytogenetic naming conventions
  • CytobandInterval: A contiguous region specified by chromosomal bands features.
  • Haplotype: A set of zero or more Alleles.
  • VariationSet: A set of Variation objects.

Other data model changes

  • Interval was renamed to SequenceInterval. Interval was an internal class that was never instantiated, so this change should not be visiable to users.

Documentation changes



VRS 1.0.0 was the first public release of the Variation Representation Specification.